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B.1.40 Shoot the monkey

Concept: A hanging monkey is targeted by a spring gun. When the projectile leaves the barrel, the monkey starts to fall freely under gravity. Will the monkey be hit?
Keywords: time, distance, velocity, acceleration, free fall, ballistic motion, parabolic path, vectors, velocity components

Time to setup: 20 min
Time to demo: 10 min
Warning: Don't shoot yourself or somebody else in the eye!

View pictures

View movie: Shoot the monkey. View from the right. (Setup in the old building with compressed air.)

Equipment list, location(s)
Shoot the monkey set by PASCO, c-clamp, monkey, tall support rod, angle clamp, short rod, hunter's hat (optional).

Notes and suggestions to instructor
This is a hard demonstration to set up and perform. It takes time to master it, but it is very impressive. Questions: If we were in distant outer space far from any stars and planets where should we aim at to hit the monkey? Where should we aim at here in the Earth's gravitational field? Why?

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